Thermo-magnetic RF Lifting

The Principles of Thermo-magnetic RF Lifting

The most modern and efficient equipment is used to carry out this type of treatment at Fashion Point beauty and welness centre, namely, Venus Versa machine with special applicator tips:

OctiPolar for your body: body shaping by reducing fat and cellulite

DiamondPolar for your face: wrinkle effacement, skin lifting, reduction of double chin and jowls (‘bulldog cheeks’)

Thermo-magnetic RF Lifting is based on the combination of the positive impacts on the skin produced by thermo-magnetic and radio frequency radiation. The instrument applicator has a patented and globally unique original design that allows it to generate a magnetic field and radio frequency energy. Thanks to a special software algorithm, radiation flow is fed in an alternating manner to avoid skin overheating. The temperatures are maintained within strict limits and displayed on the screen.

Treatment Action Mechanism

Due to the impact of the above-mentioned radiations on tissues, collagen fibres contract, which provides an effect of immediate lifting. Apart from that, skin regeneration processes are  stimulated, and the volume of fat cells is reduced. Magnetic impulses facilitate adequate gas exchange, which, in its turn, ensures the nutrition of skin cells.

By triggering this algorithm, Thermo-magnetic RF Lifting provides a means not only to eliminate skin defects, but also to rejuvenate it.

Fashion Point specialists are certified and experienced, however, they continuously develop their professional skills by participating in trainings and taking vocational courses in the USA, Israel, Ukraine and Russia. You can be completely sure that you will get qualified service of the highest level.

Thermo-magnetic RF Lifting has a vast number of advantages:

  1. Safety (the use of modern Venus Versa machine is one of the safest methods with no side effects);
  2. No pain (the treatment is non-invasive (does not disrupt the integrity of skin), so it does not cause any discomfort for the patient).
  3. No rehabilitation period (immediately upon completion of the lifting you can return to your normal life).
  4. Speed and efficiency (right after the first session you will see the result, the duration of which will remain for many months).
  5. Compatibility (due to its safety, Thermomagnetic RF Lifting can be combined with many other procedures for a better and more durable effect).

Venus Versa treatment is a renowned and the most dominant trend in rejuvenation!