Laser Specialist Procedures

Photo rejuvenation

Lightens the skin, helps to acquire a natural look, eliminates wrinkles and age spots

Thermo-magnetic RF lifting

Body shaping by reducing fat and cellulite, wrinkle effacement, skin lifting, reduction of double chin and jowls (‘bulldog cheeks’)

Non-surgical liposuction

A set of procedures, conducted without a single incision or injection, without pain, with the best modern equipment!

Nano fractional rejuvenation

Innovative and safe treatment method aimed at removing cosmetic defects and a strong stimulation of rejuvenation processes

Laser removal of stretch marks (nano fractional)

One of the most efficient and non-traumatic methods is the use of Venus Versa nano fractional radiation device

Laser removal of scars (nano fractional)

Venus Versa device with Venus Viva tip is a technology of painless nano fractional removal of scars.

Laser hair removal

Most painless type of laser epilation, safe and high-efficient


Non-surgical facelifting method, which received FDA approval

Cellulite treatment

New and already very popular method for cellulite reduction. Combination of acoustic shockwave therapy and pressure therapy.

Face skin computer diagnostic

Qualitatively analyze the condition of the skin in the shortest time

Laser acne treatment AC Dual

At Fashion Point you will be offered an option that is most suitable for you

Laser acne scar resurfacing (nano fractional)

Noninvasive treatment combining nano-fractional radio frequency impact with Smart Scan technology

Lymphatic drainage therapy

Fashion Point will help you to choose the right method of lymphatic drainage during a consultation with one of our specialists.