Non-surgical Liposuction

This is a set of procedures, conducted without a single incision or injection, without pain, with the best modern equipment; it has received worldwide recognition and an approval by the FDA

Say “goodbye” to overweight and cellulite!

Choose any of the best treatment methods in the world.

The basis of the methods is the champion in body shaping equipment:

Venus Versa, Contact RF, and BTL Vanquish, Contactless RF

Shaping equipment

Venus Versa

Diamond polar tip (Venus Freeze in Venus Versa new edition)

The world leader in hardware body shaping by contact method with a possibility of precise indication of treatment areas. Skin tightening and body shaping with Venus is recognized as the most fashionable trend in Hollywood.


This question concerns both celebrities and ordinary people.  The best solution for those who do not have time for long and exhausting workout in the gym is to get rid of excess weight and to tighten the skin at the same time.


Thermo-magnetic RF of the body.

Any changes in the skin of the abdomen after a sharp weight loss, childbirth, or surgical liposuction, with the emergence of cellulite bring a lot of inconvenience and psychological discomfort.

Fashion Point cosmetologists will help you to achieve a durable abdomen skin tightening effect and to eliminate cellulite.


Thermo-magnetic RF Lifting treatment gives very quick and noticeable results, particularly evident from the photos BEFORE and AFTER.

By regular repetition of sessions, continuous progressive improvement not only of the weight and volume, but also of skin condition can be achieved.


Non-Surgical Liposuction

How Venus Versa Works

Diamond octi applicator

  • Multipolar RF technology is safe and convenient; the energy is distributed evenly, and to various depths of tissues;
  • No burns;
  • No discomfort;
  • Quicker heating up to the therapeutic temperature;
  • Ease of maintaining the therapeutic temperature on a large area of skin during the treatment;
  • Even distribution of heat between 8 external and 4 internal electrodes for collagen remodeling and synthesis


All treatments are combined and carried out in conjunction with such procedures as pressure therapy and shockwave therapy.

We will do our best to make you even more beautiful!