Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Without Pain – Photoepilation

Venus Versa ™ photoepilation is a procedure that uses a broadband light pulse IPL with SmartPulse technology that penetrates deep into the dermis is aimed at the pigment in the follicle and does not injure the surrounding tissue.


Photoepilation Venus Versa ™

Venus Versa ™ is several years ahead of other technologies available on the market to perform the procedure of laser hair removal. Especially, in the totality of its characteristics; the effect is its painlessness.

For the complete comfort and safety of the patient, a special cooling system is patented with the frequency of tip temperature checking equal to 1000 times per second! It helps to avoid overheating of the treated area and makes the procedure almost painless.

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Photoepilation Main Advantages

This treatment has a number of advantages that make it one of the most effective and popular, namely:

  • It is most painless type of laser epilation;
  • absolute safety (impulses act directly on the hair follicle and do not injure surrounding tissue);
  • high efficiency (eliminates the problem of ingrown hairs);
  • no rehabilitation period after the treatment;
  • speed (treatment session for two armpits does not last more than 5 – 7 minutes.).

Laser hair

Contraindications to the Treatment

  1. Skin tan (due to the fact that sun-tanned skin has a huge amount of pigment, light energy meant to be aimed at the follicle will be absorbed by the pigmented cells).
  2. pregnancy and lactation;
  3. cancer;
  4. various skin diseases.

How Many Photoepilation Procedures are Required?

Hair grows in stages, in cycles. Therefore, only during the growth cycle (anagen), when the hair is still in the follicle, the removal process is most effective.

Since not all the hair is at the stage of anagen, and some are, for instance, in the stage of sleep (telogen), there is no hair removal method that can be completed in one session. Due to the cyclical nature of hair growth, and based on the individual characteristics, it is recommended to carry out 6 – 8 photoepilation sessions, once every three to four weeks, and then one session once a year to maintain the effect.

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The main thing is to understand that the effect of photoepilation can be maintained for a long time only if the instructions of the specialist are followed and a course of the required number of sessions is taken.

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