Jet Peel – one of the latest technologies in hardware rejuvenation. This unique device is made in Israel, and works on the basis of patented technology, provides soft, gentle and at the same time effective cleansing of the skin.

How does the Jet Peel work?

In the foundations of Jet Peel technology, the impact of jets of air is the primary method on which it is based. The use of water guarantees deep hydration throughout the layers of the skin, the oxygen penetrates inside the cells and stimulates the internal process of skin supply, eliminates toxins and other skin impurities. In return, this leads to a natural skin cleanse.
The water jets are distributed under pressure, which allows for a soft skin peel effect and a lymphatic drainage massage. Lymphatic drainage is important since it works as a degreaser, disolved fats escape the body through the cells out of the lymph nodes. If lymphatic system is not working effectively, the skin becomes oily, the cosmetics can help to free the skin from the oils only temporarily, since the fat cells are constantly broken down in our bodies.