Ultratone Limited Company was established in 1962 in London by the famous American physicist Hermann Schaefer, who is a leading global developer of technologies such as bio-stimulation and myostimulation.

The Futura the Pro Ultratone – a revolutionary bio-stimulation system, developed on foundations of Bio Optic technology – a unique combination of exposure to electric fields, light and ultrasound on biological tissues.
Ultratone Futura Pro combines in itself a seriously scientific foundation and the latest achievements of highly advanced technologies. The system complies with the highest standards of safety regulations, and allows for efficient use of the latest breakthrough methodologies and achievements in skin and body care.
A 30 minutes session would be the equivalence of 90 minutes of an intense workout such as aerobic exercises. It is often referred to as biostimulation gymnastics for the “lazy” / “laid-back”.
Futura Pro joins together key hardware techniques for the face and body: Bio and myostimulation, microcurrent therapy, electrolipolysis, lymphatic drainage (removal of excess fluid and edema), ultrasound and a lot more.
This device is backed-up by an intelligent software, which enables the computer to select a suitable unique solution for each person individually, and masterfully combine mutually complementary techniques to benefit the person in front.