Face Skin Computer Diagnostic

What is Face Skin Computer Diagnostic?

The condition of anyone’s skin is constantly changing. The cells regenerate, sometimes they are damaged or exposed to various environment factors, and then regenerate again. In order to evaluate the actual condition of the skin and choose an individual set of cosmetic treatments computer diagnostics of face skin is used.

At Fashion Point beauty and health center Observ 520 diagnostic system is used to detect the most invisible problems of all skin layers. By means of modern patented technologies of visualization, it has become possible to qualitatively analyze the condition of the skin in the shortest time.

Observ system is equipped with various types of lighting, giving an opportunity to see all the defects with higher accuracy:

  • White light;
  • Ultraviolet;
  • «Black ultraviolet» (Wood’s lamp);
  • Cross-polarized light;
  • Parallel-polarized

Observ works on the principle of skin fluorescence. The device illuminates the skin with ultraviolet radiation of low concentration (3 times less than natural sunlight). Thanks to this unique effect, it is possible to determine a great variety of skin conditions:

Observ 520 diagnostic system

What can be diagnosed with a help of Observ 520?

  • Skin photoageing;
  • Hyperpigmentation and its prevalence;
  • Skin greasiness;
  • Clogged and enlarged pores;
  • Dehydrated skin (dryness, flaking, dehydration);
  • Disruption of microcirculation within certain skin areas;
  • Keratinisation areas;
  • Determination of the thickness of the texture of the skin surface;
  • Various vascular conditions of the skin;
  • Sensitive, irritated, and thinned areas;
  • Wrinkle depth;
  • Identification the micro-relief, and so on.

Observ 520

Fashion Point center specialists diagnose at the first consultation, to clarify all the flaws of the skin and draw up a personal plan of recovery. Also, sometimes they do it in the middle of the course to visualize the effect of the treatment that has been carried out. Finally, it is definitely carried out at the final stage to compare the skin condition ‘Before’ and ‘After’. Fashion Point cosmetologists strongly recommend: the earlier you start paying attention to your skin, the longer we can help to prolong its tenderness, youth and beauty!