Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite Treatment

Fashion Point Miami health and beauty center provides cellulite treatment with sets of procedures. One of such sets is a combination of acoustic shockwave therapy and pressure therapy.

BTL XWAVE acoustic shockwave therapy is a new and already very popular method for cellulite reduction. The acoustic pulses used in this method produce waves affecting cellulite.

Interesting to know: Shockwave therapy was previously used mostly in sports medicine. For decades, doctors used acoustic wave therapy to treat damaged muscles and tendons in both male and athletes.


Quite by chance, thanks to female athletes, the unique skin tightening possibilities of acoustic shockwave therapy were discovered. The doctors noticed that the women continued to request additional treatment sessions even after their injuries were cured.

Subsequently, the women admitted that their desire to receive additional acoustic shockwave therapy sessions was due to the fact that their hips became smoother, the number of dimples decreased, and the quality of the skin noticeably improved. Acoustic shockwave therapy combatted cellulite!

When a BTL XWAVE machine producing acoustic waves is on, it creates quick pulses on the skin surface simultaneously sending shockwaves to the deeper areas where cellulite develops.

Shockwaves stretch the compacted fibers of the connective tissue and restore the skin’s natural elasticity.  The production of collagen is activated and stimulated, and the supporting fibrous layer that holds secondary fat lobules is strengthened and improves the quality of the skin.

CelluliteAn UVT session lasts from 15 to 25 minutes depending on the treatment area. Ultrasonic conductive gel is applied on the treated area. A tip generating acoustic waves glides smoothly on the skin surface, producing a powerful vibrating massage (imagine 20 Thai massage therapists simultaneously massaging the same area).

The treatment is fast, painless, and does not require spending time on rehabilitation. Noticeable improvement usually occurs between the third and fourth session. This treatment is recommended in combination with pressure therapy.

Certified specialists of Fashion Point Miami beauty and health center, using the best equipment in the world, constantly improve their knowledge and skills by attending additional trainings and conferences. We do our best to maintain your beauty.